Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Even before I bought my ice cream maker I started Pinning recipes on Pinterest. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, even if a recipe is used strictly as a jumping-off point. This recipe, however, is actually designed as just that. I have to thank my old friend and first housemate, Laurenn, for the original Pin for a master ice cream recipe. Not only do you get a base recipe, you get several suggestions for additional flavors. There’s even a video! Here’s the link:

The Master Ice Cream Recipe –

Although I think I’m up to about 15 batches now, last night was my first time using the base recipe and the information for creating a fresh mint ice cream. I’ve been meaning to make this for almost a week. I had already bought the mint and it was starting to get a little floppy, so I figured I’d better get to it. I’m not known for following recipes to the letter, but I did this time, so I’ll let you visit the link for particulars.

My favorite part of this recipe was the beginning: creating an herb sugar by processing fresh mint and sugar together. This smelled so good and the mint sugar that resulted tasted SO good! Homemade sweet tea, anyone?

The mint sugar was heated up with milk and cream and eggs were tempered, then added to make the custard Ice cream base. As it cooked, it developed a pretty pale green color — almost like a thin pea soup.

After the custard cooled to room temp, I strained it into a bowl to chill. I obviously really pulverized the mint, because there are still flecks of it in the finished product. I think it looks beautiful — it helps that green is my favorite color.

Of course, shaved chocolate chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, or a chocolate swirl could be added to this, but I love the simple, fresh, cool mint on its own. Now that I’ve made a few custard bases, it doesn’t seem like so much work, and the rich, creamy ice cream that results is well worth it.

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